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The Institute for Spatial Development (hereinafter also ‘the Institute’) was established in 1994. It is a government department established by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the establishment of the Institute for Spatial Development was the provision of a professional background and assistance plus the exercising of certain competences for which the founder is responsible. It operates mainly in the fields of spatial planning, building regulations and regional policy.

Operations of the Institute for Spatial Development in relation to the Building Act include:

  • addressing conceptual issues of theory and practice in the area of spatial development, urban planning and architecture;
  • running the Construction and Technical Prevention System, proposals of technical requirements for buildings, their continuous update and assessment of causes of accident or participation in it when these are of significant concern to the public interest by their extent or repeated consequences;
  • providing evidence of town and country planning activities.

Operations of the Institute for Spatial Development in relation to Government Resolutions include:

  • ensuring policies designated for the founder and the Institute within the Architecture and Building Culture Policy of the Czech Republic;
  • cooperation on the fulfilment of tasks arising for the founder within the framework of the Spatial Development Policy of the Czech Republic, including the necessary spatial development materials;
  • cooperation on processing materials for analysis of the condition in the area of spatial planning and building regulations.

It performs tasks arising from international obligations, in particular:

  • providing materials for cooperation in the area of spatial development of the V4+2 countries;
  • providing for activities of the Czech National Contact Point of the ESPON program (European Spatial Planning Observation Network).

In performance of its activities, the Institute for Spatial Development provides for the following outputs in particular:

Contact details

Address: Institute for Spatial Development, Jakubské nám. 3, 602 00 Brno
Phone: +420 542 423 111
E-mail: sekretariat@uur.cz
Internet: www.uur.cz

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